International Trade - Import & Export

Our turnkey and cross-border solutions are saving your company’s time and resources. With our local and international network we can help you to enhance your global trade activities. Lance Consultants is there to help your organizations to achieve vital goals.

Distribution of imported goods

Lance Consultants is the sole distributor of famous brands of wines and beers from France, Italy, Germany, Chile, and more. Our products are selected by F&B Experts to suit the taste and style of our customers. We offer excellent wines and beers to our Vietnamese connoisseurs.

M&A and Investment Consultation

We are a group of trustworthy people with high ethical standards and offer consulting services to international and Vietnamese partners and clients. Lance Consultants offers value-added information to all customers, which may contribute to the success of each project.

Why Choose Us
A choice that makes the difference

LANCE CONSULTANTS is committed to helping its clients reach their target, to personalising their issue, to providing an innovative solution, and to making a difference.

International Trade

International Trade

Lance Consultants connect its clients with Vietnamese and global business partners.

With our knowledge and expertise in import and export, we have introduced many domestic products to our partners in Europe, America or Japan.

Lance Consultants introduced abroad products like tea, coffee, pepper, handicraft, furniture and imported into Vietnam metal working machineries, beverages and food from Europe.

Lance Consultants understand the quality requirements of each market and we connect our clients to exporters and importers.

Lance Consultants advices its clients on manufacturing and producing goods in order to meet the high demand of international partners in each market segment.

Our strong sense of identification helps to ensure the best value suiting the client’s wishes and budget.

Distribution of Imported Goods

Distribution of Imported Goods

Lance Consultants is selective with beverages.

We understand that our esteemed customers expect only the best, in selection, quality and taste.

Therefore we only work with well known partners and suppliers, ensuring  an extraordinary selection of premium and craft beer, flavored malts, fine wines, spirits, and tasty non-alcoholic drinks.

All guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding customers.

We also regard the “Value for Money” rules.

Our clients are inspired by our Gift-Sets whenever they look for luxury or elegant presents for business partners or staff or special occasions like Woman’s day, Christmas and New Year.

We ensure beer and wine are stored under excellent conditions and are  handled and distributed responsibly to our clients..

M&A and Investment Consultation

M&A and Investment Consultation

If you’re looking for co-investors or shareholders for your company or project, you should shift your responsibilities to trusted professionals.

Lance Consultants provides the tailored investment consultation to get you on track. Our skilled advisors offer advice on investment and financial services ensuring that you find the right partner to get along with you and to together grow your business.

At Lance Consultants, we seek to build a meaningful relationship and bring mutual benefit to harmonize the interest of our  clients and partners.

We concentrate on developing a deep understanding of the client’s goals and offer customized services at each stage of our engagement. We always act to  ensure that our experts complement to the surrounding cultural environment, business style and values of the client or partner organization.

Scope of Services

Business Matching and Market Entry
Lance Consultants is specialized in global cross border transactions and strategic partnership. Lance Consultants offers to source the most appropriate business partners through thorough green field research, our solutions are  customized to each client.
Deal Advisory
Lance Consultants advises its customers how to address complex regulatory issues, structural construction and seamless deal making with local and international firms. We offer support for evaluation, negotiation and relevant proceedings.

Construction of M&A

With our high level of expertise and a wide range of group network, we help to bring mutual understanding to all partners. Lance Consultants are confident to support our clients from planning to execution phase of acquisition project.
Technical and Financial Consultation
With Lance Consultants’ highly qualified and experienced senior advisors our clients receive optimal advice on the latest technical and scientific know-how and financial advice for their projects in many different sectors. We surely treat your information confidentially.
Planning & Management Consulting
Understanding the gap in the structure of Vietnamese and international organizations, Lance Consultants provides an one stop consulting service based on our extensive track record and help in planning, governance and sustainable growth strategy.
Imported Goods Distributor
We are entrusted by international manufacturers to introduce and distribute their products in Vietnam. Lance Consultants imports different types of beverages, food, confectionary and machineries from Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and more.